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Scaffolding Firms Near Me

If you are looking for scaffolding firms near Northampton, we can help. Scaffolding can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including assisting in painting murals and stage event lighting. However, the most common application remains to be construction scaffolding.

Evidence of using scaffolding in aid of building tall structures can be found all over the globe, dating back to as early as 5th Century BC. As time and technology advances, the material and techniques used to erect scaffolding has been massively refined. Wooden and bamboo tubing has been replaced with aluminium and steel, favoured for their durability.

Construction Scaffolding
construction scaffolding Northanpton

Moulton Scaffolding Services are proud to be specialists in providing construction scaffolding to residential and commercial clients of Northampton.

We understand that each construction project is unique, so our scaffolding systems are flexible to suit your needs. Whether you only need a small platform for a day whilst you paint the exterior of your home, or requiring extensive scaffoldng for several months, we will be more than happy to help. Our price packages are competitive and tailored to each project, so please get in touch via 01604 248769 to discuss your requirements.

Scaffolding Safety

At Moulton Scaffolding Services we take Health and Safety seriously. While a scaffold is one of the safest access solutions, there are still a lot to be considered due to the nature of working at height. This applies to most scaffolding as the height is generally over 2 metres.

How does scaffolding work

Throughout the years we have invested heavily into relevant training for our staff. We are proud to be a CHAS accredited company, as well as registered with the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme. 

All of our staff are proud holders of CSCS cards, completing relevant Health and Safety training including a specialist course for Working at Heights. All of our equipment is carefully inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are in optimal working condition. When we erect a scaffold, all necessary signage will be included to comply with all health and safety requirements.

Scaffolding rental cost

The scaffolding rental cost will depend on the size of the project. By working with Moulton Scaffolding Services, you are guaranteed a safe and legal access solution. We have up to £10 million of liability insurance for maximum peace of mind. If you would like to request more information regarding our services in Northamptonshire, or to arrange your free, no-obligation quote, please simply contact us via 01604 248769.

Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme

Types of Scaffolding

The age-old advice in the construction industry- "choosing the right tools for the job" is applicable to scaffolding. Despite the modular appearance, there are many types of scaffolding available and each have their advantages in certain situations. Here are a few of the most commonly used types in UK and some areas of Europe.

Types of Scaffoldingcommon type of scaffoldingScaffolding Safetyscaffolding to residential and commercial clients

Tube & Clamp: This is the most common type of scaffolding you will find. As the name suggests, there are two main components to this method of scaffolding. They are one of the most versatile solutions as they are highly adaptable- even to building with ireegular shapes. The clamps, or clips, are sometimes referred to as "couplers".

Single: This is a very basic scaffolding system, often used by bricklayers as the wall gains in height. The scaffold is erected parallel to the wall, typically at a distance of around 1.2m. There are typically only three components involved and the name derives from the fact that there are only a single side of vertical standards.

Kwikstage: For larger projects in the UK, you may find that Kwikstage (sometimes referred to as Quickstage) scaffolding is preferred for their rapid assembly and disassembly. The patented design and modular and can be adapted with ease to adjust to projects of any size, whilst providing a reliable solution.

Trestle: Similar to Kwikstage scaffolding, the components in a trestle system are often pre-fabricated into strong load-bearing shapes for ease of assembly. They are suitable for commercial projects which requires height without a hefty supporting system. They are sometimes preferred for their mobility.

Commercial Scaffolding Hire

Our range of versatile scaffolding projects are suitable for a range of applications in and around Northamptonshire, including residential, commercial and industrial hire. They not only aid in the construction, but also maintenance, repair and cleaning of these properties.

Commercial Scaffolding Hire

For residential projects, there are often the temptation to work from a ladder instead. While it's a cheaper and more temporary solution, there are more risks involved. By choosing to hire a scaffolding system from professional such as Moulton Scaffolding Services, you are guaranteed a safe and legal access solution for your project. Commercial scaffolding hire are required for projects which are at least 6 ft above a lower level. Fall protection is required for falls higher than 10ft, often in the form of guard rails.

Industrial Scaffolding Northampton

Over the years we have worked with business of all sizes and nature in Northamptonshire, including industrial sites such as factories and plants. We are experienced in providing a timely and secure scaffolding solution for industrial buildings of all sizes.

Industrial Scaffolding Northampton

The application of scaffolding on industrial properties varies from construction, repairs to general inspections. The sheer size of the buildings often present their unique set of challenges, including access and minimising disturbance to the plant. In any case, a reliable scaffolding system often forms one of the most basic requirements to the a successful project. We can work with buildings more than 300ft in height- our team are also trained to handle hazardous material such as asbestos. 

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Moulton Scaffolding Services will always inspect the scaffold after erection to ensure that it's fit for purpose prior to allowing access. We comply strictly with relevant guidelines set by the Health and Safety Executive. For commercial projects spanning over a longer period, we will regularly inspect the scaffold to ensure it remains in a safe condition for the work carried out. If required, we can amend the scaffold as the project progresses.

Use the contact details below to speak to our professional scaffolding contractors today. We will be happy to discuss your project.

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