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Commercial Scaffolding

Scaffolding refers to a complex weave of tubes or metal pipes to form a primary support structure for building and construction purposes. By relying on an effective design, they can be cost-effective, reliable and an indispensable part of your commercial project. Moulton Scaffolding Services have assisted in commerical projects across Northampton and beyond.

Commercial Scaffolding


Scaffolding is one of the most crucial tools in the construction industry. That’s because it’s quicker, safe and cheaper to construct some buildings using this method rather than opting for ladders and heavy duty cranes. Once the core part of the building has been built, the scaffold can be used to lay bricks and install windows.  

Renovations and Cleaning

You may use the scaffolding to carry out specialist cleaning jobs or renovations. They provide a secure working platform to access the exterior of the building for tasks such as routine maintenance. On the other hand, you can use this method to clean difficult to access areas such as windows. 


During events, commercial scaffolding is commonly used on site to support a variety of roles. For example, commentators, camera operators and stage lighting and sometimes as part of the scenery. However, it’s important that sufficient health and safety measures are observed.

Choosing the Best Scaffold Companies

Whether it’s in construction, cleaning and renovations or at events, scaffolding ensures that you complete project faster and safely. Moulton Scaffolding Services have worked with businesses of all sizes and sectors throughout the area and established an excellent reputation for providing a reliable and efficient service. If you would like to discuss how we can help in your project, please simply get in touch via 01604 248769 to speak with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team.

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