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Industrial Scaffolding Installation

Moulton Scaffolding Services are proud to extend our scaffolding installation services to industrial clients across Northampton and beyond. Our scaffolds can be erected before the start of the maintenance or construction work on industrial sites such as plants and factories. When the building is being maintained or constructed, scaffolding provides a safe and legal working environment at height.

Industrial scaffolding

Regardless of the size of the structure and the project, health and safety of workers is our top most priority. Industrial scaffolding provides workers with a balanced and level platform, allowing multiple workers can work on the site simultaneously, increasing the efficiency of the project and resulting in a faster completion time.

It also provides excellent access for those hard-to-reach areas, such as suspended piping. Scaffolding is often used to assist in the repair and maintenance of industrial structures and components.

Our industrial scaffolding can be assembled and disassembled rapidly to minimise disturbance to your site. If required, our scaffolding can be hired on a long-term basis to aid in the construction of an industrial property or as part of an ongoing maintenance plan. Moulton Scaffolding Services will be more than happy to discuss your bespoke hire terms and requirements and offer a competitive quote. Please get in touch via 01604 248769 or use the contact form below to forward your query. 

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