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When Do I Need Scaffolding?

For all types of building project, scaffolding still remains an important tool in the construction industry. It is suitable and effective to provide easy access to elevated areas in a building. Despite its simple design, it ensures the users remain safe from fall hazards.

Reaching high areas is essential during many construction projects. Keeping buildings maintained on a regular basis can become challenging if you are restricted to using ladders to reach high places on a building. 

We all know fall hazards are inevitable during a construction. Therefore, to keep your employees' safety first, scaffolding must be erected to strict standards. They must be of good quality to ensure that they can stand the work required. 

As a contractor, you must abide by the industrial standards and protection measures to safeguard every person on the site. 

close up view of a scaffold coupler

Why Use Scaffolding?

In a building construction, there are high-level areas that will need regular maintenance or access during construction. In order to access such heights easily, the correct scaffolding will be required.

Scaffolding is easy to use as it provides a place to stand on while the construction is in process. The employees can complete their work in time as they are able to move around the building safely.  

Scaffolding is the perfect solution for the following tasks:

  • If you are frequently moving heavy equipment and materials up and down
  • When you will need to continuously move a ladder from one position to another
  • Where working from a ladder is less comfortable or convenient.

using scaffold to fit roofing tiles

Scaffolding Use in Construction Sectors

Since scaffolding is a temporary platform, it does not require an external support. It is made of a strong wooden or metal platform. Therefore, it is easy and safe to move from one end of a building to another for maintenance work. 

  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Inspection and Surveys
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Window and Cladding Cleaning